Fire Safety Auditing which is also known as Fire Risk Assessment is an integral part of sustainable safe business. We bring enormous experience of fool proof systems and behavioral evaluations that are traceable on year to year basis via scoring.

The modern auditing philosophy covers not only compliance but up-gradation of existing systems to best practices and technologies as is exemplified by the outgoing halon in favour of clean agent systems such as NOVAC and CO2.


We provide an End-to-End Solution for Manufacturing, Pharma, FMCG, Chemical, Metals & Mining, Energy and power sector, Corporate buildings and premises.

Comprising of a close examination of all relevant documents and of the premises’ condition itself, our fire safety audits can ascertain how fire safety is being managed and if all relevant factors are in compliance with appropriate standards and regulations.

Concise and effective reports will be provided and where necessary, challenges will be made to current scenarios in order to make suitable recommendations for improving safety levels.

✓  A suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment
✓  A detailed Fire Safety Policy and Fire Safety Management Plans
✓  Effective emergency evacuation plan and evidence of fire drills
✓  Records for staff fire training and equipment maintenance/tests
✓  Records and adequate accessible information on hazardous materials/substances